Index Ventures, San Francisco

This addition to the San Francisco headquarters is designed as the public facing space for the highly creative, collaborative venture capital team. Occupying two full floors in a historical brick and timber building, an interconnecting staircase and truncated sky light is added to maximize circulation and daylight. Designed as a space with drop in offices, meeting rooms, it also serves as a space for public engagement. The café and meeting rooms double as exhibition kitchen and private dining area. The floor plan is interlaced with tranquil Japanese rock gardens as serene areas for quiet interaction and focused work. Simultaneously the open plan is technically engineered to accommodate large work and social events.

Private Residence 4, San Francisco

For a Russian Hill twelfth-floor residence, Garcia Tamjidi demolished an existing apartment and introduced oak flooring; perfectly-detailed quarter sawn oak cabinetry and sumptuous marble throughout the more private spaces. Volumetric forms appear in the ways in which the bed's headboard seamlessly slides into a void that's repeated in a solid built-in desk across the room; in the sculptural flow of the marble kitchen countertop; in the placement of a Martin Puryear sculpture, courtesy of the John Berggruen Gallery, perched at the end of a long hallway whose walls can be slid open or tightly closed, creating either a fluid sensibility or one of safety and enclosure.

The Column Group, San Francisco

The Column Group, a venture capital firm dedicated to developing biotech companies, asked our team to create a calm, downtempo space with a serene level of visual density. A balance of enclosed and open office space offers opportunities for collection and separation. A glazing system maximizes openness and, combined with natural finishes and tones, creates a connection to the lush exterior landscape of the Presidio. Japanese-influenced rock and gravel gardens subtly define individuated spaces and create circulation between the public and private work areas. The acoustically reflective concrete interior surfaces are hushed to a gallery-like environment by use of a tightly spaced, sound-absorptive felt louver system at the ceiling. This cloud also conceals lighting, speakers, and elements of the mechanical system.

Index Ventures, San Francisco

For a major expansion to a highly creative venture capital firm's existing San Francisco office, Garcia Tamjidi focused on the capture of natural light through the introduction of a series of skylights. Public spaces like the entryway, cafe, and boardroom are arranged around these light wells, while elements and materials from the existing space have been seamlessly integrated, creating brand continuity as well as illumination-fueled intervention. In the vaulted hallway, a sculpture commissioned from Reuben Margolin produces a kinetic visual anchor.

Private Residence 5, San Francisco

Our clients asked to have an area of their home re-purposed for quiet work and contemplation. The space was pared back to the bare bones to create a simple, clean volume to maximize the beautifully soft daylight. A special acoustical fabric ceiling system was installed to help bring the room to a quiet hush. Wall to wall illuminated shelving would become a framework and display for colorful books, prints and art. Below the open shelving concealed flush storage cabinets and pull out desks were added for storage and flexibility. Facing a new minimally designed limestone fireplace, a large table was placed at the center of the room as a spacious work desk and library table.


Kendo, San Francisco

As a follow on project for beauty brand incubator Kendo, Garcia Tamjidi remained on brand by using the key design elements that made the public facing areas of their original headquarters project a success. These elements—axial views, linearity, accent lighting, soft color palate—visually come together to form a creative work space that speaks luxury retail. Remaining on theme, super-graphics of Kendo’s star product lines like Fenty and Kat Von D were used to punctuate and individuate meeting rooms and gathering areas.

Apple Theater, Silicon Valley

When Apple Inc. required a space designed for presentations, webcasts, broadcasts and frequent all-hands meetings, Garcia Tamjidi created this three-hundred seat theater, complete with overlapping fabric paneled walls and a complex series of ceiling panels concealing an enormous matrix of speaker systems, microphones and cameras. Major technology meets the human scale in the introduction of wired yet luxuriously tactile sycamore wood and rich leather seats, while a custom-built steel catwalk and light grid provide the theatrical element to the inspiring space.

Wondrous Brewing Company, Emeryville

Setting its ambitious sights on an empty warehouse building in Emeryville Wondrous Brewing Company decided that it would be their future home and headquarters for brewing superb craft beer. Our firm took on the challenge of converting the building shell into a seismically engineered, complex system of brewing tanks, grain, barrel and refrigeration rooms as well as a public facing tap room. As a pure extension of the brewery and its manufacturing process, a raw palate is deliberately used: concrete floors and counters, stainless steel, plywood paneling as well as high exposed ceilings. The very spare and efficient design solution conveys that their fresh product travels a very short distance to be enjoyed by their customers.

Private Residence 1, San Francisco

For a fast-paced couple whose favorite hobby is racing motorcycles (and setting world land speed records), Garcia Tamjidi designed a respite-providing private retreat. Working with what had been an uninspired two-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath condominium, the designers stripped the floor plan of all but the most essential necessities. Concrete walls, pale wood floors, and white details throughout create a reflective and contemplative environment complete with retracting fabric scrims that offer the ultimate privacy. 

Kendo, San Francisco

For the beauty brand incubator Kendo, based in downtown San Francisco, Garcia Tamjidi created long sinuous lines of desking, shelving and storage in contrast to meeting rooms finished in product brand colors and graphics. Organized around a central through-line of a velvet draped reception area, lobby and brightly lit cafe/meeting spaces, each detailed in sleek glossy black surfaces. The office, home to brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty and Ole Henriksen offers a visually arresting blend of outward facing and eye catching graphics and quieter, more reflective work oriented elements. 

Private Residence 3, San Francisco

For one of San Francisco's first warehouse loft conversions, Garcia Tamjidi created a living gallery space, capitalizing on the existing space's light-filled openness and sweeping expanse of display surfaces. An interior stair connecting the ground floor to the loft operates as an artistic focal point, and demarcates a transition from public art space to private residence. 

Elastic, Mountain View

For an open source, search, and analytics firm based in Mountain View, Garcia Tamjidi designed engineering, sales, support, and presentation offices as part of a major rebranding. Organized around a series of meeting rooms, this fully transparent work environment uses pops of vibrant color to illuminate various styles of space - from formal meeting area to informal brainstorming den. A wall of glazing draws natural light into the open office, creating a sense of expansive brightness, while suspended sound baffles delineate more private spaces, create pockets of quieter areas for quiet reflection and head-down work. 

Private Residence 2, San Francisco

For a 2500-square-foot apartment located in San Francisco's prestigious Nob Hill and featuring spectacular views of the Pacific-Union Club, Grace Cathedral, and the Masonic Center, Garcia Tamjidi created a soft and minimalist counterpoint to the apartment's traditional backdrop. Using subtle forms, warm materials, and understated finishes and colors, the designers produced an open and art gallery-like environment that draws in natural light, providing generous space for a significant and perfectly-placed art collection. 

Parker Foundation, San Francisco

For temporary office space for the Parker Foundation, Garcia Tamjidi undertook an adaptive reuse project in a San Francisco Presidio building, creating ethereal-yet-solid modernism out of subtle interventions: resurfacing walls and floors, installing simple drywall, adapting existing dividing walls to create conference rooms and offices, re-using track lighting, introducing thoughtful furniture solutions, and designing and producing built-in millwork.

Elasticsearch, Los Altos

For the engineering, sales, and support teams working on Elasticsearch, one of open source, real-time search, and analytics engine company Elastic's three products, Garcia Tamjidi created a combination of fully transparent and fully private spaces, all in an open plan that maximizes the existing high ceilings and natural lighting. A centrally located and visible boardroom provides spatial and acoustic separation between the focused engineering teams and the active sales and support teams, while perimeter meeting rooms and casual breakout areas offer easy collaboration and moments of peaceful respite. 

Techshed, Foster City

For the Foster City headquarters of a home improvement-focused online marketplace, Garcia Tamjidi created an open and collaborative work enviornment balanced with private spaces for team meetings, private calls, meditation, and play. A punch of brand color appears on a massive wall and in orange bicycles and furnishings, while plywood sheds--a play on the company's name--house the quieter and more reflective spaces. A gated area with lockers encourages bicycle commuting and connects the office's interiors with the Bay Trail outside.